clear skincare clinic, the first skin clinic in double bay sydney australia.

The clear skin clinic is an independent beauty clinic operating in Double Bay only, specialising in extraction facials, skincare and treatments for a flourishing and lively skin. The Clear Skin Clinic is a warm and friendly clinic offering a complete range of beauty services.



In life, our skin is faced with numerous challenges such as hormonal changes, weather, heavy makeup, harsh products, changes in diet, illness and medications. This can lead to issues such as acne, blackheads, milia, pigmentation, sun damage and the symptoms associated with photoaging. We believe that clean, balanced, healthy skin leads to clear skin. To achieve this, we specialise in classic, European style, extraction-based facials, along with a range of highly advanced, proven treatments to rebalance and repair stressed skin. Our skin therapists are highly trained in the ‘art’ of careful, manual extraction of all types of common skin congestion issues. Regular facials with extractions are the most effective way to maintain clear, healthy glowing skin.

Start your journey for clear skin today! Contact us for a personalised treatment plan that will help you achieve healthier skin and tone.