We offer a broad variety of peels such as glycolic peel, lactid peel/TCA, BHA peels, Priori Peels, and Herbal Aktiv Peels plus we offer a range of other treatments designed to combat damaged skin & designed to reduce skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

Hailing from Spain, this innovative treatment removes pigmentation by hindering the production of melanin which is the factor responsible for freckles and sun spots. This non-invasive treatment is an easy method in fading blemishes and improving skin radiance to achieve an overall well balanced complexion.


Perfect for:


  Post acne spots.
  Sun spots.


Cosmelan – Initial Consultation



Cosmelan – Initial Consultation $0


The Clear Skin Clinic like to schedule a private consultation with each patient, before beginning any Cosmelan treatment programme. During this time, a thorough evaluation of the clients skin pigmentation type and depth, using OBSERV 520 skin analysis machine.

We also look at lifestyle, medical history, medications, as well as the clients aesthetic goes and desires. Once achieved the client is then booked in for their initial Cosmelan Treatment peel session with client agreement.

Mesoestetic Cosmelan Peel Programme


Cosmelan Treatment package $1299

This Treatment Programme includes an intensive, two-phase treatment plan, designed to effectively reduce melosa and hyper pigmentation due to sun exposure, acne, ageing, and hormone fluctuations. An initial, intensive peel masque is applied in-clinic and washed off at home 8-12 hrs later. This is followed up with an intensive 3-month Cosmelan post-care product regimen, of several products (included in the price) which provide a continued depigmentation and retraining of the skin cells.

Our program ALSO INCLUDES 2x COMPLEMENTARY Heallite Light healing sessions, if taken within first month after the initial peel.

An intensive, two-phase treatment designed to effectively reduce melasma and hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, acne, ageing, and hormone fluctuation. An initial, intensive peel masque is applied at the clinic and washed off at home 8-12 hours later. This is followed up with a minimum 3-month Cosmelan product treatment regimen, which is included in the price.

Our program includes t complementary Heallite Light healing sessions, i taken within the first month after the initial peel

*Includes the essential 3-month maintenance regimen 

Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel – process & benefits


Clients will typically notice that skin blemishes are beginning to fade, and a brighter complexion is breaking through within a week. After a couple weeks, the skin will have a shiny and healthy glow, which will continue to improve for up to four or five weeks, when the full benefits the peel can be seen. Committing to a daily routine will see the results last for many months. The skin will be delicate and sensitive the first two weeks after treatment so avoid prolonged sun exposure and use a full spectrum sunscreen at all times.


How Cosmelan Peel works

Melanin is the pigment that gives human skin its colour. It can also cause splotchy areas of darker tissue. The Cosmelan Peel works by inhibiting certain enzymes, which decreases the skin’s natural melanin production and results in an even complexion. The skin will improve from the second week of treatment with significant lightening, reduction or disappearance of dark spots from the third or fourth week of treatment. The stimulation of capillary circulation gives the new skin a luminous, pink, smooth and shiny appearance.