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Aevitas BB Prime PRO Primer


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BB Prime Pro is the professional luxurious approach to priming. It takes your skin preparation to the next level. Perfecting your skin and creating the ideal base for longer-lasting make up.

All skin types
How to use
HOW TO APPLY: After cleansing your face use only a pearl-size amount for the whole face. Dot on your chin, cheeks and forehead and gently massaged BB Prime Pro into skin. For a professional finish use a damp sponge and gently go over face to even out complexion.
This wonderous formula is in rich in: Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and helps improve the appearance of hyper pigmentation and skin tone Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) helps to moisturise and soothe Vitamin E helps fight off free radicals, reduce wrinkles and keep skin looking youthful. Shea Butter to hydrate, pamper and condition skin Titanium Dioxide to shield from harmful UV rays Plant extracts to help brighten the skin BB Prime Pro has no added Silicone