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ARGIE™ (Formally SILVI™)- ‘SKIN SIDEKICK’ Anti-Acne Silk Pillowcase in Pure Ivory White


NOT YOUR AVERAGE SILK PILLOWCASE FOR SURE! Mulberry silk, 22 Momme, with patented Silver Ion Technology in standard pillow standard size (48x70cm)). The patented ‘silver ion’ impregnation technology, keeps your ARGIE™ pure silk pillowcase, fresher for longer, meaning you only need to wash it every 10-14 days (3x less frequent than cotton!).


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As a specialist skincare clinic with a special interest in breakouts, pigmentation, rosacea and scarring, we’ve always recommended changing your pillowcase every few days and have been searching for the perfect silk pillowcase technology, that helps reduce overnight blemish risk!

We get it, silk pillowcases can be quite the investment (especially if you already drop half your paycheck on skincare), but we promise the benefits in helping manage your breakouts, plus additional skin and haircare benefits, do outweigh the price tag! Silk pillowcase can also help to reduce damage and breakage to you hair, prolongs the life of a blow-out, reduces frizz, prevents kinks, and is less absorbent so won’t absorb your skincare! But wait, it doesn’t stop there, friction caused by a restless night of tossing and turning causes creases on your face = early signs of ageing, think fine lines. While the smooth silky surface of a silk pillowcase will prevent pre-mature fine lines!

Your bed pillow can hold onto germs and bacteria and excess skin sebum, spreading them back onto your precious skin while you sleep and contributing to the causes of acne and breakouts. It also absorbs all those expensive skincare ingredients you’ve applied diligently each night to feed and treat your skin!

Tired of random breakouts, stubborn acne, and those big, red pimples that come from nowhere, we always want to help stop bad skin days at their source?

Something effortless, truly effective, and could complement your existing skincare routine.

Why ARGIE™ Silk Pillowcases Are Special?

This is not your average silk pillowcase. A world-first, the ARGIE™  pillowcases are treated with natural SILVER IONS, to eliminate 99.7% of bacteria linked to acne and topical skin concerns. A 2021 award-winner and best-seller, for those wanting the best in skincare technology.

We’ve found it in  ARGIE™, a company that has created the perfect pillowcase that actively fights against these problems, using pure Mulberry silk PLUS the addition of a chemical-free and natural, SilvTech™ antibacterial silver ions to kill 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria, while you sleep!

A good quality mulberry silk is also much less absorbent of skincare products and skin sebum, than other fabrics.  The mulberry silk fabric used by ARGIE™ , is  22 momme Mulberry Silk with 6A grading (the highest possible). 

It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic,  making it an absolute dream for anyone with sensitive skin or rosacea.

100 Night Guarantee

ARGIE™ are a company that know some things take time, that’s why they offer a 100 night trial.

If for any reason you’re not loving your ARGIE™  silk pillowcase, even after 100 days, send it back for a full refund + return postage.

Note: This is not applicable for colour exchanges
Fabric: 22 Momme, 6A Mulberry Silk (the highest possible quality rating) Closure: Hidden zipper Treatment: Antibacterial silver ions Manufactured: Spun, woven, and sewn in China Ethically certified: Yes (Oeko-Tex®) Animal tested: No Artificial chemicals: None
Contraindications & Precautions

Care instructions:
•   Machine delicate wash or hand wash (cold setting)
•   Use pH neutral detergent
•   Do not bleach, tumble dry or dry clean (no trichloroethylene)
•   Iron low heat

The patented ‘silver ion’ impregnation technology, keeps your ARGIE™ pure silk pillowcase, fresher for longer, meaning you only need to wash it every 10-14 days (3x less frequent than cotton!).