As we’ve traveled through a cold winter, too much time in front of the heater and while winter fashion with coats and hats and scarfs is super European-chic, it’s an absolutely trying time on your skin, we know!. 


Depending on which type of heating you use, how often you are outside and your hydration levels, your skin can quickly end up dry and sore.

To amp up moisture and defend against added dryness there are 5 main things you can do:


Exfoliate more.

Unlike in summer, you should be exfoliating at least weekly to ensure you’re removing any excess build-up of dead, dry skin cells. These prevent your moisturisers actually penetrating and doing their job on your skin, so it’s important to make sure that your skin is clean, clear, and fresh before applying any serums or moisturisers.


We recommend: Environ Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream (all skin types) / Environ Revival Masque (dry to mature) / Dr Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream (sensitive skin) / Medik8 Pore Refining Scrub (blemish-prone skin)


Amp up your daytime moisturiser or add in a night cream formula to your routine.

At this time of year, it’s so important to include added levels of hydration and replenishment to your skincare routine. Night creams can be particularly effective as they have longer for active ingredients to work on your skin, but a rich, luxurious day cream can also make your skin feel so much better as you head out to face the cold again. Look for thicker, richer formulations that incorporate more active ingredients to really amp-up your moisturising game.

We recommend:  Dr Spiller range of night creams / Environ Super Moisturiser / Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Intense Cream


Add in a Hyaluronic acid serum to your routine.

Hyaluronic acid is a bit of a wunderkind of active ingredients. When applied onto clean dry skin under your moisturiser, it binds 1000x its weight in water to the skin ensuring that your skin directly benefits from that extra hydration.

We recommend:  Medik8 Hydr8 B5 / Environ Intensive Hydrating Serum / Mesoestetic HA Desimatrix


Switch up your cleanser.

Switching to a gentler cleanser or to a cream or oil cleanser will ensure that you’re not stripping essential oils from your skin. Don’t add to the winter skin blues by drying out your skin in the shower, and THEN putting it through the wringer with heat and cold winds.
We recommend: Dr. Spiller cream cleansers / Environ Mild Cleansing Lotion / Medik8 Gentle Cleansing Foam


Add in a hydrating masque.

A masque is a super luxurious way to practice self-care and skincare in one dose. Masques are ideal when used a couple of times a week, and look out for one you can sleep in overnight for a super-charged routine addition.

We recommend: Dr Spillers range of hydrating masques


We want you to have your best-ever skin this winter. Combine any of the above product recommendations above with a great in-clinic treatment and see amazing change in your skin, just in time for the warmer months. Don’t hide behind tight, flakey and sore skin – get on top of it and make a change.


For winter dryness rescue, we seriously recommend a Dr. Spiller Super Hydration Collagen Facial.  The Dr. Spiller Super Hydration Collagen Facial is suitable for all ages of skin this winter, suffering dullness, dryness and is simply wonderful before a big event or special occasion. 

An enzyme peel combines with high strength hyaluronic and collagen serums and a specially infused collagen fleece mask work to intensively hydrate and plump the upper layers of the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, for an incredible and immediate “WOW-result”!


Make a serious difference to your skin hydration this winter!

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